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What inspires and motivates you? I am curious so hope you all respond with comments to this post. As an artist, I find inspiration in a variety of things. A child seeing something and laughing uproariously; a sunset that takes your breath away; a flower bud on a seemingly lifeless tree. But there are times that livingness seems to impinge so heavily it is hard to see an inspiration anywhere. It is times like these that I look to my quotes on one wall of my studio. I have collected several quotes that spoke to me in some manner and it is in these times lacking inspiration that I read and reread them to remind myself of why I create art.

But the artist is not the only person that needs inspiration and motivation, we all do. So what is the inspiration for what you do, and what is it you turn to for motivation in those times when you just seem not to want to do it?

I missed posting yesterday, it was just a terribly hectic day. this is a long weekend as Monday is Memorial Day. No postings until Tuesday as I will be on a marathon Art Out all weekend to get some projects done and ready for purchase.

This morning I was sent a link to this Britan’s Got Talent posting on youTube. I just had to share it with you all, it made me smile and was so joyful. I want these guys as my friends, they have such great fun doing this.   If the video does not play below here is the direct link to paste in your browser     Enjoy!

This has been one rough day and I was a bit bushed from all I had to accomplish today already.  I ran across this photo of a baby black rhino on the Internet

A newly born baby Eastern Black Rhinoceros calf sits with her ...

He is just adorable and I began to smile and my feeling and mood began to lift and lighten.  It is interesting to realize just how connected we all are on this planet.  Imagine if we had already ruined the place and there were no more baby black rhinos to be born?  or butterflies?  or whatever is your favorite animal?  The point is we should maybe all take a little moment of each day to stop and recall the importance  of that connection, what it gives to us and what we are doing.  And if we realize there is something we are doing that is not helping or is hurting, how we could change that. 

Tonight I will be enameling and making some more, new pretties-yeah!

This month in one of the art magazines there is an article entitled “How to Look at Art”.  Excuse me, but I don’t need anyone to tell me (or you for that matter) how to look at art.  It is simple and pretty instinctive I think.  You go where someone is got stuff they call art, open your eyes and see what is there. 

There is a segment of people in the art world that seem bent (and this is nothing new) on telling the public at large what is art and what is good art.  Well I am here to tell you and anybody else that will listen that you do not need anyone to tell you what is art.  Art either communicates to you or it does not.  If it communicates to you then you will likely percieve it as art, if it does not well then it isn’t-to you. 

So don’t listen to anyone but yourself, go where there is some work that is being proffered as art, take a look, a good look and decide for yourself whether it communicates to you and if to you it is art.

There is some really great art, in my opinion, online at the Getty Museum  Check out the sculpture of a standing woman with crossed arms that is from the Neolithic period, that is 6000 B.C. I think is is quite beautiful and very expressive, it really communicates to me.  Want to see some of my offerings and their communication you can check out my store here at www.artistsmall/stores/ljrosen

I was watching an episode of Lost and Daniel Faraday was talking about time and how people are the variables in time.  I know this is wrong but it got me to thinking how in todays society we have begun living like time controls us, not the other way around.  Ttime does not control us. In fact, time is just a consideration, and a consideration is by definition an opinion obtained by reflection (online Merriam Wedster dictionary).  Therefore time is what we decide it is, thus time is under our control.  So if that is the case, let’s all stop rush, rush rushing all day long and create the time to get everything done we want to without adding stress to the equation by considering we are controlled by time!   Let me know your thoughts on this.

Welcome to my blog! Since we ran into a snag on the website I decided to get the blog started and the new website will follow.  So what is this blog going to be about-well my cogitations on art, the world around us and anything else that strikes my fancy. I will work to make this site exciting, relevant and interesting.  After all I want you come come back often for a cog or two!

For those of you who do not know me-yet, I am an artist  living in So. California. In addition to my art I also do a fair share of volunteer work and have some strong opinions on our society. If you would like to see some of my work you can visit my website at or go direct to my store at . Please bookmark this site, save to your favorites, or subscribe above to an RSS feed so we can stay in touch.  And oh yeah, I want to hear from you so please feel free to leave comments to my posts.