This month in one of the art magazines there is an article entitled “How to Look at Art”.  Excuse me, but I don’t need anyone to tell me (or you for that matter) how to look at art.  It is simple and pretty instinctive I think.  You go where someone is got stuff they call art, open your eyes and see what is there. 

There is a segment of people in the art world that seem bent (and this is nothing new) on telling the public at large what is art and what is good art.  Well I am here to tell you and anybody else that will listen that you do not need anyone to tell you what is art.  Art either communicates to you or it does not.  If it communicates to you then you will likely percieve it as art, if it does not well then it isn’t-to you. 

So don’t listen to anyone but yourself, go where there is some work that is being proffered as art, take a look, a good look and decide for yourself whether it communicates to you and if to you it is art.

There is some really great art, in my opinion, online at the Getty Museum  Check out the sculpture of a standing woman with crossed arms that is from the Neolithic period, that is 6000 B.C. I think is is quite beautiful and very expressive, it really communicates to me.  Want to see some of my offerings and their communication you can check out my store here at www.artistsmall/stores/ljrosen