This has been one rough day and I was a bit bushed from all I had to accomplish today already.  I ran across this photo of a baby black rhino on the Internet

A newly born baby Eastern Black Rhinoceros calf sits with her ...

He is just adorable and I began to smile and my feeling and mood began to lift and lighten.  It is interesting to realize just how connected we all are on this planet.  Imagine if we had already ruined the place and there were no more baby black rhinos to be born?  or butterflies?  or whatever is your favorite animal?  The point is we should maybe all take a little moment of each day to stop and recall the importance  of that connection, what it gives to us and what we are doing.  And if we realize there is something we are doing that is not helping or is hurting, how we could change that. 

Tonight I will be enameling and making some more, new pretties-yeah!