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It has been awhile since I posted and I have been busy in that time.  The pieces for my upcoming London Fashion Show-did I tell you about that? – are coming along.  If I forgot to fill you all in here are the details.  There is going to be a fashion show during an art festival in London in August and the designers are going to make an outfit each to go with my pieces of jewelry.  What an honor!

In addition to all this I am teaching basic wirework classes here in San Diego.  If you are in the area plese come and take a lesson with me at the Gem Mall (619-523-8940) Monday or Wednesday afternoons.  It is fun and you will go home after a 2 hour class with a piece of jewelry you made yourself!

With all this going on there will only be sporadic posts until I get all the pieces completed and on their way to London, and as I am behind a bit I am sure you will understand.