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I reached the bottom of “projects in progress” bin for the jewelry. Ah, what a great feeling and whew what a lot of pieces that now I must get photographed-this weekend.

Personal ethics seem to be a thing of the past!

I was reading this morning an article on the despicable, cowardly and utterly unredeemable act of University of  Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes who was caught on camera purposely attempting to eye-gouge his opponent. As far as I am concerned, he should lose all respect by the fans and the populace in general and be suspened for the remainder of the season and required to do public service.

Now not only is his action disgusting but I am undecided which is is more so his act or the reaction of coach Meyer ,with his less than a slap on the wrist penalty, and his teammates as they seem to condone the behavior and try to justify it as “other guys do it too”.

Have we really sunk so low as a society and a people that we really believe it is okay to steal money from investors; play dirty in sports; cheat on tests; have extramarital affairs; kill with abandon; maim for the fun of it; and just generally do anything and everything we want to get what we perceive we need or desire and damn the other guys just to come out on top or the winner? I sure hope not.

I think that we are better than that, I think that we can have all we want and still be respectful of others and not use them as stepping stones to climb our personal ladder to success or make our team win. I think we each have inside us the ability and desire to be a better person and set the example for others. I hope we all just realize it soon and start doing that instead of the crap we are doing now.

So Brandon Spikes, be the better man, stand up and take responsibility for what you have done. Admit out loud to all that you got carried away with the emotion of wanting to win and be number one and it led you to the depths of unsportsmanlike behavior and impose a penalty on yourself befitting your despicable act. That would command respect.