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Yesterday the world temporarily lost the genius of musical artist BB King. I have no doubt that he will be back. Fortunately artists never really die, they always live on in their work. The body of work BB King left is expansive, well-known and absolutely delightful.  I have spent many hours of bliss enmeshed in his artistry.

Sometimes artists are not as well known but leave behind a body of work nonetheless. It can be that their work is appreciated by those left in charge of discharging their estates and treated with respect and care. Unfortunately for many it is seen as no more than the dabbling of a fool and given away to charity or worse tossed in the garbage.

Having had a most terrible and awful week which began with the worst 2-day bout with food poisoning I have ever heard of, I had thoughts of “if I die will I be remembered”. Once I got my head out of the toilet and thought rationally I realized I will.  I will because of the work I have produced, the work some of you have collected and now resides in your homes and offices around the world (and I thank you).

I may not be as famous as BB King – yet ;} but I will live on and I know my work won’t end up in the garbage cause my friend MJ has asked for what remains when I do die.